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Fresh Nest provides an experienced team for various events, ensuring everything from weddings to art exhibitions is memorable with meticulous attention to detail and effective collaboration with suppliers.


Exclusive Event Services at Fresh Nest

Discover at Fresh Nest a range of exclusive event services, from meticulous cleaning ensuring memorable and stress-free events.

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Flawless Preparation and Execution

Fresh Nest starts with pre-event cleaning and efficient setup. We excel in event cleaning and setup, ensuring immaculate spaces and efficient time management. Additionally, we are experts in event setup, providing quick and precise execution, from arranging furniture to assisting other suppliers.

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Complimentary Services for a Comprehensive Experience

At the beginning of the event, we provide an efficient electronic coat check for a stress-free experience, ensuring that guests feel comfortable from the moment they arrive.

During the event, we offer essential support to catering staff, ensuring seamless service which contributes to a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees.

Additionally, our friendly bathroom attendants ensure that the facilities are clean and well-stocked, enhancing guest satisfaction and maintaining hygiene throughout the event.

At the conclusion of the event, our scullery and trash removal services ensure a tidy wash area and efficient waste management, while our post-event breakdown service takes care of furniture and decoration movement, facilitating an orderly and worry-free end to your celebration.

All our Event services

Explore our range of event services at Fresh Nest, from cleaning to valet parking, designed to ensure your event's perfection and efficiency.

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Event Set Up

We are experts in setup for all types of events, ensuring fast and precise execution, from arranging chairs and tables to supporting other vendors, guaranteeing a stress-free experience.

Pre Event Cleaning

Fresh Nest guarantees meticulous pre-event cleaning, ensuring pristine spaces for all event sizes. Efficient and detail-oriented.

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Guest Check In

Our Guest Check-In service provides a seamless and welcoming start to your event, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for your guests upon arrival.

Coat Check

Our efficient cloakroom service provides guests with comfort and security, allowing them to enjoy the event without worries about their personal belongings.

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Bathroom Attendant

Our attentive bathroom attendants elevate your event by maintaining clean, fully stocked facilities, minimizing lines and maximizing guest comfort.


We provide essential support to catering staff at events, keeping tables and bars clear and managing waste, ensuring seamless and impeccable service.

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We streamline event wrap-up by collecting and organizing dishes, ensuring a tidy wash area and a stress-free event exit, including dishwashing services.

Post Event Cleaning

Fresh Nest offers thorough post-event cleaning services, ensuring a spotless return to normalcy for venues of all sizes. Efficient and detail-focused.

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Break Down

Fresh Nest excels in post-event break down ensuring efficient and orderly cleanup for events of any scale. Expert and methodical.

Event Services

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