Trash Can Rentals

Providing versatile trash solutions, Fresh Nest offers two sizes of cans with chic covers, tailored to fit your event's style and waste management needs.


Exclusive Trash Can Rental Services at Fresh Nest

Explore Fresh Nest's specialized trash can rental services, offering a variety of sizes and stylish covers to suit your event's waste management needs, ensuring a clean and orderly experience.

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Customizable Size and Style Options

At Fresh Nest, we offer trash cans in two sizes: 32 gallons and slim jim 23 gallons, each with stylish black or white spandex covers. If you need a specific style or size, we are ready to accommodate your needs, ensuring your event's waste management is as efficient as it is aesthetic.

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Expert Waste Management Advice and Efficiency

Beyond offering a variety of trash cans, at Fresh Nest, we assist in determining the right quantity for your event, ensuring efficient and orderly waste management. Our approach focuses on keeping your event space clean and presentable, contributing to an unforgettable and worry-free experience for your guests.

High Quality Service